Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Training

Workplace harassment training

Is your organization providing sexual harassment and discrimination training? By doing so, you are creating a safer, more inclusive work environment. Additionally, it is important you are taking an important step towards stronger risk management, better compliance, and mitigation of the costly distractions of potential legal issues.

Building a respectful workplace starts with awareness. We help companies educate their workforce and bring awareness around sexual harassment and discrimination issues, providing engaging, interactive training systems.

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Why Choose EEO Training?

Unlike large, cafeteria-style training, EEO focuses on State-specific anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training. This is all we do! We don’t offer hundreds of training courses, we specialize in anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training. We monitor new changes in the law around the United States to help ensure your employees receive the most relevant and up-to-date information.

What’s Included:

Self-service option portal
Automated client reporting and trainee reminders
Automated, transparent billing
Easy to use customer dashboard
Staff and supervisory versions
Help desk support
Friendly, responsive, and client-centric customer service
LMS and SCORM compatible
Training adjusted towards state compliance requirements

EEO Training offers courses in both English and Spanish.

Course Objectives

Our training course covers these topics and more:

Explanation and examples of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.
Overview of laws surrounding workplace harassment and discrimination.
The impact discrimination and sexual harassment have on individuals and company culture.
Your responsibilities as an employee and/or supervisor under anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws.
Strategies to prevent discrimination and sexual harassment, along with best practices.
Overview of protected classifications.
Eeo training objective

What to Expect


Individuals will receive training with a customized link for each employee to their designated email. From there, they can access the course from any device at their convenience. If your employees do not have an email, no problem; we create a customized landing page to help your employees access the training based on the login and password credentials that you supply.

Interactive Sessions

EEO Training is designed to keep participants engaged with the material. Through interactive quizzes and light gamification, participants can immediately apply what they’ve learned. We do not permit learners to skip ahead in the training as we believe it is important you know they are getting the training you asked them to.

Ongoing Support

As long as you remain a client of EEO Training, the portal and dashboard will remain accessible. This portal allows you to gather various reporting and individual participant data. This is in addition to all of the proactive automation happening. Your employees taking the training will receive reminders automatically until they complete the training. Designated administrators can opt to receive the automated weekly status reports in addition to updated individual notifications based on the desire of your organization.

State-Specific Training

Certain states have implemented specific standards around sexual harassment and discrimination training. EEO Training tailors its courses for each jurisdiction to help ensure your organization complies with these laws.

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Is Online Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training Right for your Team?

Our training is comprehensive and easy to use. The platform covers various examples of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination to educate employees and teach best practices. This training not only meets compliance needs - but also prevents conduct that could lead to legal situations, employee turnover, and much more. We make compliance and administration easy so you can focus on the many other responsibilities you have.

50-State Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

State Requirements Legend:  Private/All |  Public Sector Only | NA


About EEO Training

EEO Training is co-founded by two individuals.

One of our founders is admitted to practice law in multiple states and has advanced education in human resources. He has been a Chief Human Resources Officer for a company named in Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Places to Work in America – performing countless investigations around various EEO types of matters. Part of this co-founder's other business includes providing this training live to companies around the country, and has been engaged as an expert in the field.

Our other founder has a technology business providing managed services operations and has been part of several start-up projects. Part of this founder's capabilities includes creating customer-friendly content delivery and dashboard reporting.

About eeo training

Frequently Asked Questions

Our recommended best practice for employers is to provide our training to all new hires as part of their onboarding process into your organization and every year thereafter. Decisions around training such as ours often have legal ramifications, and we recommend you consult with your attorney to ensure you are doing what is right for your organization. Additionally, some jurisdictions legislate you must provide this to your employees on some form of regular cadence (e.g., every year, upon hire, etc.). Note, it is also a good idea to provide Supervisor training when a staff member is promoted to a supervisory role.

Some United States jurisdictions mandate you do this type of training within a certain number of days once they join your organization; this requirement varies from State to State. As a general principle, it is important to understand each day someone in your organization is untrained, you run an increased risk of issues that could impact your business.

Communicating to your employees that your organization does not permit workplace harassment has a lot of benefits. Further, the United States Supreme Court noted in their past rulings that employers who do not have a policy would not have certain affirmative defenses against a claim available to them.

You should check with your attorney. That said, a best practice is to report it according to your organization's complaint procedures. If you do not know your organization's policies or have access to them, report them to either your supervisor, a member of senior management, or a member of human resources.

There is an endless list of reasons discrimination should be prevented. For starters, it is the right thing to do. Some other reasons include sound risk management, better workplace productivity, increased employee retention, fewer negative distractions in the workplace, lower legal costs, fewer time distractions, etc.

This is a highly subjective question. At a minimum, anti-discrimination laws encourage employers to do what they can to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and provide an avenue for people who have been wronged to seek justice.

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