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The District of Columbia

In The District of Columbia, as throughout the United States, it is illegal to sexually harass or discriminate based on various protected classifications in the workplace.

Training Requirements

The District of Columbia mandates sexual harassment training for all tipped employees, as well as for all managers and owners or operators of businesses that employ tipped employees.

Current employees must receive in-person or online training within two years;

New employees must receive in-person or online training within 90 days of hire (unless they have participated in approved training within the past two years);

All managers must attend in-person training at least once every two years.

EEO Training, LLC recommends all employers in the United States, regardless of size and location, provide sexual harassment and discrimination training to all new hires (including contractors) and on a regular, periodic basis.

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Disclaimer: Information located on this website is intended to be informational only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. Any employer reading this information is strongly encouraged to seek their own legal counsel for advice on sexual harassment and discrimination prevention.